HTTP Downloader lets you download dozens of files simultaneously

HTTP Downloader lets you download dozens of files simultaneously


HTTP Downloader lets you download dozens of files simultaneously

HTTP Downloadeiser a free multi-part download manager for Windows that allows you to get the most out of your downloads. It's compatible with the FTPS and HTTPS protocols. It's a simple and well-organized interface that most people can utilize.
It is fully capable of opening multiple connections at once while spending minimal system resources. You can start, pause, stop, and queue up to 100 downloads at once with complete control. You can also divide each download into 100 parts, totaling 10,000 connections, as a user.

HTTP Downloader for Windows PC

HTTP Downloader is a small, light, and fast download manager that integrates with browsers via extensions (available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers). It can assist you in dragging and dropping links into the program's main window or manually entering URLs.

How do I start HTTP Downloader and utilize it?

The app can be downloaded via the app's official website. You may download HTTP Downloader for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, as well as add it as an extension to browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, from this page.

How do I start HTTP Downloader and utilize it?

The toolbar can be enabled from the View menu for convenient access. The file menu is used to save, import, and export the download history, as well as to add a URL to download. New downloads are started by dragging and dropping. The queue item numbers (number of downloads), file names and kinds, downloaded file sizes, and a progress bar to check the download status are all displayed in the main pane.

How do I start HTTP Downloader and utilize it?

You can start, halt, pause, restart, pause active, and stop all downloads from the edit menu. The broken downloads can be resumed. You can sign in with the user credentials for authentication if a particular download requires a login to the server. You can also remove, delete, and rename downloads, as well as copy URLs.

You may also use the 'Search' option in the 'Tools' menu to look for a download by entering its URL or file name. With the dedicated login manager, you can easily add users and passwords for servers. You can change the default download folder, the number of active downloads, the global speed restriction, and the FTP, Server, and Proxy settings.

How do I start HTTP Downloader and utilize it?

The system tray program can also be used to rapidly access the download list. It's also how you access to the settings panels and add URLs. The HTTP Downloader's right-click menu has the same choices as the 'Edit' menu. The application also checks to see if a file has previously been downloaded. It skips the relevant file download if it is available. If the file is missing, the download will proceed as usual.

Using the HTTP Downloader plugin for Firefox and Chrome
The official extensions for Firefox and Chrome can be found on the GitHub page. The URLs from the browser are then captured and sent to the HTTP Downloader. Make sure the server addresses in the extension and the program are the same. To enable the server, go to the 'Options' menu, choose the 'Server' tab, and tick the box next to 'Enable Server.' To get the URL, you'll also need to enable the 'Override browser's download manager' option.

You can manually copy and paste downloads into the software as well. You can view the URL and the download folder in the 'Show add URLs window before download' option before the download is delivered to the application. If the server requires it, you can also utilize the RegEX filter and set the login credentials from this window.

The second method

From the edit menu, you can start, pause, stop, restart, pause active, or stop all downloads. It's as simple as using the Update download option and manually inserting a fresh URL to resume a broken download. If the download you requested requires you to login to a server, you can authenticate it by entering your user credentials. There are other options to copy the URL, remove, delete, and rename the downloads from this menu.

When you wish to find a download by its URL or name, the Search option in the Tools menu might save you time. You may add your server usernames and passwords in the dedicated Login Manager, which you can find under Options > Connection. Setting the default download folder, a global speed limit, selecting the number of active downloads, as well as FTP, Proxy, and Server settings are all crucial options in HTTP Downloader.

How do I start HTTP Downloader and utilize it?

The right-click menu in the software has the same options as the edit menu. HTTP Downloader is clever in that it checks to see whether a file already exists in the download folder and skips the download if it does. If the file is missing, the download will proceed normally.

The program's system tray icon allows you to quickly browse the downloads list, add URLs, and access the preferences panel. A list of supported command-line switches that you can use with the software can be found on the project's official website.

HTTP Downloader is a Firefox and Chrome extension that allows you to download files over the internet.

The official Firefox and Chrome extensions may be downloaded from the GitHub website and are used to capture URLs from the browser and deliver them to HTTP Downloader. These initially didn't function well for me, but it was due to the fact that I hadn't configured the desktop application properly. In both the extension and the program, the server addresses must be the same. Don't be concerned about what you need to establish. To enable the server, go to the Options menu, select the Server tab, and tick the box next to "Enable server." Also, make sure the "Override browser's download manager" option is turned on for the add-on to get the URL.

Use manual copy and paste to add downloads to the software if you don't want to enable server capabilities.

Before the download is sent to the software, the "Show add URL(s) window before download" option is useful since it displays a pop-up window where you can view the URL and the download folder. You may also utilize the RegEX filter and set the login credentials from this window (if required by the server).

Note: When the extension is enabled and you click on download, you'll see Firefox's usual download dialog pop-up. It may look like it isn't working correctly. Just click on the "Save File" button as usual, and the add-on will send the URL to the program to download.
HTTP Downloader is a portable program. It's user-friendly and gets the job done, that's pretty good in my book.

Xtreme Download Manager is another good open source download manager if you're looking for something like IDM.


The HTTP Downloader is a simple program that allows you to download thousands of files at once while using very little system resources. It has a clean and straightforward user interface that allows you to control files from various sources. This small application can be downloaded from the official website.

What is the purpose of an HTTP Downloader?
Let us first define HTTP download before responding to this question.

HTTP download is a way for retrieving files from Internet servers. It uses the HTTP protocol to download all images, visual components, and related files from a webpage.

Why would you need a downloader in the first place? A downloader will assist you if you frequently download things from websites, such as online study materials, software, programs, games, or anything else that requires a download. An HTTP downloader, often known as a download manager, allows you to download data more quickly. You can download many files at the same time. You may even set up a download schedule. When you're not around, a downloader downloads files for you. It also aids in the download of files when the Internet connection is slow. As a result, an HTTP downloader saves you time and energy.

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