Google Is Offering Scholarships To Students From Other Countries

 Google Is Offering Scholarships To Students From Other Countries

This should come as exciting news to students who are on the lookout for ways to earn scholarships. Google has announced that it would provide a total of 100,000 students from all around the globe with fully financed scholarships as part of its Google Scholarships 2020 program.

This is an online initiative that will provide candidates the opportunity to receive Google scholarships 2020 for online certificates that are comparable to a four-year degree and a degree equivalent to students who already possess a degree. In addition, you will have the opportunity to study and get Google certification without having to spend money on travel expenses or a visa to the United States.

These online scholarships offered by Google do not need any particular qualifications from applicants, including a degree from an accredited institution or college. Candidates will acquire the knowledge and abilities essential to become qualified for jobs in high-technology businesses by participating in the specified training courses.

Google Scholarships are worth the following:

- Students from all around the world are welcome to apply; there are no restrictions on their home countries.

- These are the same as a degree from an accredited institution.

- The cost of student registration is entirely covered by the school.

- The development of skills is the exclusive objective of online courses.

- There is no minimum GPA requirement to qualify for a Google scholarship.

- Scholarships offered by Google do not need applicants to have previous job experience.

- E-learning will take place online, and Google employees will serve as instructors.

- The length of time for each of the online courses ranges from three to six months.

Scholarships and Certificates Offered by Google:

You may acquire a career certificate from Google in a variety of fundamental subjects and majors, which will help you to build certain talents and make a nice pay in the process.

Data analytics:

A data analyst is responsible for doing analyses on raw data and extracting useful information from it to support key decision-making processes inside a company. The starting income for a data analyst is typically about $60,000 per year, but they have the potential to make as much as $70,000 in this field. This certification will provide you with the skills necessary to "navigate the data lifecycle via tools and platforms to analyze, understand, visualize, and obtain insights from the data."

User experience (UX) design:

Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of ux-ui designers to evaluate user needs and devise a user interface that is simpler, more accessible, and provides a more delightful experience. Google estimates that a user experience (UX) designer may make $75,000 annually. This online course lays "the groundwork for developing and studying UX, constructing low-fidelity designs and wireframes, producing high-fidelity prototypes and testing," as the course description puts it.

Project management:

A person who has full responsibility for the completion of a project, including its planning, design, and execution as well as its monitoring, controlling, and closing phases, is known as a project manager. The "grounds of traditional project management" are the primary focus of this online course, which also provides some insight into flexible project management. Google estimates that the average salary for project managers is $93,000 per year.

How can I go about applying for a scholarship via Google?

Even though Coursera requires students to pay monthly fees to participate in online classes, Google is offering a total of 100,000 scholarships to candidates who need financial assistance to cover the cost of their certification. These courses can be found on the platform known as Coursera. Applicants need to enroll themselves first and then sign up for the program via Coursera.

The Certification lasts anywhere between three and six months.

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