Health Economics and Health Services Research is the focus of the Flinders University 2022 Ph.D. Enterprise Scholarship.

 Health Economics and Health Services Research is the focus of the Flinders University 2022 Ph.D. Enterprise Scholarship.

Flinders University is a public institution located in Adelaide, South Australia. The university is now accepting applications from qualified candidates who are prepared to participate in its continuing 2022 Scholarship program. It was established in 1966, and the name Matthew Flinders was chosen to commemorate the explorer and surveyor Matthew Flinders, who worked in the early 19th century along the coast of South Australia. It holds the 43rd spot in the whole Asia Pacific region and is regarded as one of the top 2% of institutions in the entire globe. This is only feasible because Flinders University places a high priority on the accomplishments of its students.

Advantages of the Flinders Enterprise Scholarship for Doctoral Students: Health Economics and Health Services Research

This Ph.D. Enterprise Scholarship provides the following benefits:

- Up to three and a half years of tax-free earnings of up to $28,854 per year (2022 full-time rate, adjusted yearly)

- Access to the experience of both academia and business via collaborative supervision

- An encouraging atmosphere in which to acquire cutting-edge research techniques and develop into an authority in your field

- The ability to manage a difficult research project and come up with creative solutions to difficult problems

- A forum for collaborative research in which you may improve your abilities and expand your professional network to further your research career.

- Qualification in Health Economics or Health Services Research is required to be considered for the Flinders Ph.D. Enterprise Scholarship.

You will need to meet the following requirements to be considered for a Ph.D. Enterprise Scholarship:

- Must either be a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, to be a permanent resident of Australia or to either have a relevant foreign visa or be able to apply for one; and both of these requirements must be met.

- Meet the requirements for admission to the Ph.D. programme at Flinders University, which include having an Australian Honors degree of Class 1 or 2A, an equivalent qualification that is at least AQF Level 8, or evidence of equivalent research experience in the form of refereed publications or significant experience as a lead researcher; and

- Any additional qualifying requirements that are relevant to the business partner or research project (eg have or able to apply for a National Police Criminal History Check)

Additionally, it is very desirable for candidates to have:

- Experience in economic evaluation

- Familiarity with the health care system in Australia and the evaluation of medical technologies (HTA)

- Having interactions with many stakeholders

Please be aware that the deadline for the scholarship applications can be cut shorter than originally announced if a deserving candidate is chosen. It is anticipated that the winning awardee will begin the project as soon as is practically possible and ideally in the year 2022. The beginning date of the project will be established after consultation with the person in charge of the project.

Application Deadline

December 31, 2022

How to Apply

To apply for the Higher Degree by Research Scholarship, fill out the application form that is attached and submit it, together with any supporting evidence, to the following email address: For more information, see the website of Flinders University.


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