Scholarships Available to Overseas Students Attending

 Berea College is recognized as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States. It is also the only college or university in the United States to provide international students with exceptional academic credentials and constrained financial means with the opportunity to receive a scholarship that covers their total educational costs at Berea College.

All accepted candidates get no-tuition assurance. Berea College provides all admitted students with full funding for their first year of enrollment, which includes coverage of tuition, board, room, and fees. However, after the first year of enrollment, students are expected to save at least one thousand dollars per year to pay for their education.

In addition to the Berea College scholarships, the university offers students employment opportunities during the summer months so that they can pay for their education. In addition, the accepted students are required to pay a $50 entrance fee in addition to a $2,200 deposit before they can officially register for the course.

This deposit may be used by international students to cover various costs incurred throughout their four years of education. They are eligible for additional financial assistance if they are unable to pay the deposit in full or even a portion of it.

Level and field of study :

An Associate's or Bachelor's Degree in any field of study offered by the college that is in any way connected to art or science.

Scholarships at Berea College have the following admissions requirements :

The applicant must be a brilliant student who has excelled in their studies and has significant monetary needs.

A student is required to submit an application package in its whole, which must be sent to the Office of Admissions before the closing date (November 30).

The applicant is required to submit their scores from just one of the following accepted standardized tests: the ACT, the SAT, the TOEFL, or the IELTS. the following is the required minimum score for each of these tests:

- TOEFL scores: 190 on the computer, 520 on paper, and 68 overall (internet-based).

- IELTS: a score of 5 in each exam subject and a total score of 6

- ACT: 19 Composite.

- SAT I: Either a combined score of 980 or a combined score of 1330.

- Candidates are required to have a high level of proficiency in the English language.

How to apply for Berea College Scholarships :

Because students are unable to submit their applications electronically, the following things must be included in the application packet that is sent in by the student:

- Berea College Scholarship Application and International Application for Admission are both available here.

- Personal Statement for International Students and Cover Sheet for Essays

- A copy of the official records from the secondary school. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.

- Personal Financial Situation and Statement of Assets and Liabilities

- International Financial Questionnaire (IFQ).

- Recommendations Regarding the International Financial System From.

- Two letters of recommendation for admission, at least one of which should be submitted by an educator who has taught the applicant either now or previously.

- A copy of the official score report from at least one of the following standardized tests: the ACT, the SAT, the TOEFL, or the IELTS.

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