Scholarships for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies at Deakin University in Australia that Are Fully Funded

 Scholarships for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies at Deakin University in Australia that Are Fully Funded

A scholarship program called the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR) / HDR Scholarship - Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) is available to postgraduate and doctoral students at Deakin University. HDR is an abbreviation that stands for Higher Degrees by Research. This scholarship is made available by Deakin University in Australia, and it may be applied for by applicants from any country in the world, as well as Australian citizens and permanent residents.

There is roughly 33 percent of students from other countries studying at Deakin University, which contributes to the institution's very diverse and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is a fantastic chance for students from other countries to pursue their education in Australia. During your stay at Deakin University, you will receive a salary, a relocation allowance, and health insurance as part of the scholarship, all of which are completely financed.

In this piece, we will provide you with information regarding the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR) / HDR Scholarship – Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP) and the application process, to assist you in realizing your ambition of pursuing higher education in another country.

Overview of Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR) /HDR Scholarship – Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP)

Students at Deakin University who are interested in pursuing a master's degree or Ph.D. may apply for a DUPR/RTP scholarship. For students to be eligible for the scholarship, they need to be enrolled in either a full-time or part-time degree program. DUPRs are supported financially by Deakin University, in contrast to RTPs, which are supported financially by the federal government of Australia. Only the students with the highest ranks will be considered for RTPs.

By DUPR/RTP, the following departments are qualified to apply for the scholarship:

- Arts and Humanities

- Engineering, Science, and Built Environment

- Business and Law

- Frontier Materials

- Health

As a result of the fact that many faculties offer a variety of courses, those courses each have their specific prerequisites, which will be covered in further detail in the next sections of this article.

Description of (DUPR)/(RTP)

The following advantages are included in the scholarship package:

- A monthly subsistence allowance of $30,000 per year (tax-free).

- Relocating students attending Deakin University from outside of Victoria or inside Victoria will be eligible for a reallocation payment in the range of $500 to $1,500 (depending on whether they are moving alone or with their families).

- ( Only for International Students ) One policy of Single Overseas Student Health Cover will be valid for the whole of the student visa.

- When pursuing a Master's degree, a stipend and an offset against tuition costs will each be offered for 2 years, however,

- For a doctoral degree, the stipend will be provided for 3 years, and the tuition price offset will be provided for 4 years.

(There will be various rates of RTPs/DURPs for Part-time students, and you may check here to see what those rates are)

Eligibility : 

For an applicant to be eligible for DUPR/RTP scholarships at Deakin University, the candidate's responses to the following qualifying requirements must be satisfactory:

- Citizens from other countries in addition to those from Australia.

- Must maintain a level of English proficiency satisfactory to the university.

- Applicants are required to be enrolled in Higher Degrees By Research (HDR) Courses to be considered.

- To be considered for the RTPs Fees Offset, the candidate must not be currently receiving a scholarship from the institution that is comparable in value.

- For a student to be eligible for a stipend from either the RTP or the DUPRs, they must have another source of income that can cover their day-to-day costs to an extent that is more than 75% of the stipend amount. It is not appropriate to take into consideration any income that is unrelated to the student's course of study or revenue that is obtained for the student's course of study but is not used to support the student's basic living expenditures.

- You are required to meet course eligibility to be accepted in any course of any discipline. This is explained in detail for each course on Research degree entry pathways. We recommend that you must go through each detail one at a time, and you can also get in touch with the research scholarship shell of Deakin University by sending an email to

- On the scholarship page, you will see a section labeled "Further Information," which contains the Terms and Conditions of the available scholarships.

Selection process : 

The candidates for this scholarship are subjected to a stringent screening procedure, during which they must exhibit both their academic prowess and their characteristics as applicants. Everyone who is qualified and wants to apply for the scholarship will be treated equally and the procedure will be completely free of charge.

Stipends for the RTP and DUPRS will be distributed based on the results of a competitive selection procedure that is defined in the ranking guidelines 2023. You will need a better ranking to be considered for the scholarship.

Following a successful application for the scholarship, applicants will be notified by email with the results around eight weeks later.

Process of Application : 

Both prospective students and existing students must go through distinct application procedures to be considered for the award. Current students are required to complete a form using the straightforward application procedure that can be found on the scholarship website. The following is a comprehensive guide for prospective students:

- Before moving further with the application process, potential candidates are required to first submit what is known as an Expression of Interest (EOI). The expression of interest (EOI) varies per faculty and may be found here; after submitting it, the faculty or the institution will let you know whether or not you should continue with the application process.

- If you have not already examined the admission paths for your research degree, you should do so now. After that, you will need to get in touch with a supervisor around here to talk about the subject and proposal for your research project.

- You are now required to gather the information and documents listed below, which will be included in the completion of the final application form.

- reports from current or past instructors, academic supervisors, or employ managers may be used as referees.

- Prepare your proposal, which should consist of a concise summary of the suggested area of study.

- Evidence of English proficiency

- Resume or Curriculum vitae.

- Academic Transcripts.

- Previous research degree.

- Information about publications

- Information about the bibliography

- Identification documents and evidence of citizenship are required.

- After you have finished all of the processes that have been outlined above, you will need to finish the application form, which combines the scholarship and candidacy forms into one document.

- The procedures that were mentioned above are condensed for your convenience, and the full application procedure is available for your perusal on this page.

Important Dates : 

As a result of the fact that RTPs and DURPs are made available in a variety of streams, the deadlines for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) as well as completing the application form for candidacy and scholarships vary across the various faculties.

Although the majority of faculties accept EOI submissions throughout the whole year, you may check this page for any key dates.

Final Words : 

The Research Training Program is supported by the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (DUPR) and the HDR Scholarship. If you are one of those people who have always dreamed of studying in a country like Australia with facilities on par with the best in the world but were concerned about the cost of doing so, then the RTP scholarship could be the opportunity of a lifetime for you, and you should apply for it as soon as you possibly can. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns concerning the scholarship program that is currently being offered.

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