Undergraduate and Graduate Development Programs for the Chevron 2023 Initiative

Undergraduate and Graduate Development Programs for the Chevron 2023 Initiative

Chevron is not just one of the top oil producers in Nigeria but also one of the country's largest investors. Chevron is a corporation that specializes in the production of crude oil and was founded on December 31st, 1966. At the moment, the main office of this corporation may be found in Lagos.

Additionally, Chevron holds significant stakes in several multi-partner deepwater activities. We are the operators of the Agbami Field, which is one of the most significant deepwater discoveries in Nigeria.

Program for the Development of Undergraduates :

- Chemicals and operations farther downstream

- Program for Finance and Accounting Analysts (FDP)

- Horizons program

- Sales development program

- Wells

Graduates Development Program

- Finance & Commercial MBA program (FCMP)

- Human resources development program (HRDP)

- Program for the management of the procurement and supply chain (P/SCM).

Benefits of Undergraduate and Graduate Development Programs :

- As you gain experience in the downstream value chain at Chevron, you will get a comprehensive knowledge not just of our activities across the world but also of the energy sector as a whole. The following types of work will be included in your rotating responsibilities:

- The Lubricants organization of Chevron is one of the world's largest suppliers of finished lubricants and a leading manufacturer of premium base oils. Its products, such as marine lubricants, coolants, and greases, are recognized all over the world for their quality, performance, and technological advancement.

- Chevron's Transportation and Operations division integrates and optimizes the fuel value chain from crude to the customer in North and Latin America. This division is responsible for providing safe, reliable, and efficient terminal operations as well as transportation services to locations throughout the Americas.

-  The three global brands that we operate under are Chevron, Texaco, and Caltex. Together, these companies produce cutting-edge goods that may be used in a variety of commercial, consumer, and industrial settings.

Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Development Programs Qualification : 

- Candidates must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

- The applicants need to be able to flourish in an environment that places high importance on cooperation and collaboration.

- Demonstrate great abilities in both leadership and communication.

- Are independent thinkers who have the ability and the desire to engage in everyday conversations with clients.

- Have a passion

- Possess great analytical and technical abilities, as shown by your high academic success.

- Are energized when confronted with difficult problems to resolve.

- the ability to relocate easily and a strong desire to live and work in a variety of locations around the United States

- Thrive in an environment that promotes high performance and places a premium on cooperation and collaboration.

- possess an itchy travel bug and an ability to move freely across international borders

Application Deadline : 

Not Specified

How to Apply : 

Please visit the Chevron website for more information.

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